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1 Atelier Pauline Hoeboer (nl) [Edit]NetherlandsEmailCeramicsslip-cast porcelain
Source J. van Alphen City: Den Haag Address: Suezkade 1 Postcode: 2517BT Phone: 0624823839 Expositions: FIDEM 2010 Finland

Slipcast, wheelthrown and handbuilt porcelain and stoneware. The artist shows and tells about her works and methods. Picture gallery commentated by the artist and extensive information about ceramics courses and RAKU workshops

2 Alchemist [Edit]NetherlandsEmailCeramicsGlazed ceramic
Source Ruud Ruijgrok City: Leende NBr Address: Strijperstraat 55 Postcode: 5595GB Phone: 040 2061605

"You begin with a shapeless lump of wet clay.......and with a little stirring, or better put, by turning the potter's wheel, a firm line developes from your fingers. SOMEONE WHO CAN MAKE GOLD OUT OF NOTHING "

3 Andrienne Bulle (nl) [Edit]NetherlandsCeramics
Source Andrienne Bulle City: Amsterdam

4 Anke van der Kwaak (nl) [Edit]NetherlandsCeramicsWheeltrown raku ceramics.
Source Anke van der Kwaak City: Alphen aan den Rijn Address: Dennevlam 18 2403 HW Alphen aan den Rijn Postcode: 2403 HW

"Japan and its ancient crest designs are the inspirations of Anke van der Kwaak. Admire the well shaped pots with elegant lids during exhibitions, potter festivals as wel as on her website.The elements: earth, sky and water are clearly visible."

5 Anne Hilkens (nl) [Edit]NetherlandsEmailCeramics
City: Bodegraven

6 Anneke Jansbeken (nl) [Edit]NetherlandsEmailCeramics
Source Anneke Jansbeken City: Dongen Address: Churchillstraat 21 Postcode: 5103TG Phone: 0162-318413

"Hand made ceramics mainly colorfull creations. Vases, figures and statues for inside and outside."

7 Annelies te Nijenhuis (nl) [Edit]NetherlandsCeramics
Source Annelies te Nijenhuis City: Enschede

8 Annica Delfos (nl) [Edit]NetherlandsEmailCeramicsPorcelain
City: Hazerswoude Rijndijk Address: Potgieterlaan 10 f Postcode: 2394 Phone: nl-06-17298323 Expositions: april Ceramica Multiplex 2009 in june Gallery Instock in Oegstgeest the Netherlands

02-02-2009, New photos and information about Annica's ceramics and studio

9 Arja Hoogstad (nl) [Edit]NetherlandsCeramics
Source Arja Hoogstad City: Rotterdam Address: Zoutziedersstraat 75K Postcode: 3026 EK Phone: 010.4777230

10 Art from the heart [Edit]NetherlandsCeramicsCeramic and bronze statues.
Source Rosita Sikking Reeberg City: Roswinkel Address: Drenthe

"Art is a matter of the heart" ...and therefore I invite you to look at my work with an open heart. Then you will see the passion and dedication I put in my work."

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